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Spital Tower Estate

 On the northern slope of Ruberslaw in the Scottish Borders, sits Spital Tower.

A family run estate consisting of 570 acres of open hill, hay meadows, forests, and ancient woodland, focusing keenly on regenerative and holistic land management practices, supporting the local community,  protecting wildlife and rare habitats for future generations Spital Tower preserves traditional way of life in the Scottish Borders.

Regenerative & holistic land management

“The significance of the environment on lifestyle, people, and places has never been more crucial than it is today.”

A Lamb looking at the camera

At Spital Tower we believe in preserving our land in remembrance of everyone who has helped to create this very special place over generations, and enhancing it for generations to come.

Each owner, tenant farmer, shepherd, dyker, fencer, forester, ploughman and gardener has made our home what it is today. We are lucky enough to be custodians of the accumulation of contributions of countless people, some known, others not, and we believe it is our duty to respect the efforts of the past and carry them forward, allowing our community and future generations to enjoy this beautiful place too.

Our family and team with the help of local contractors, work to maintain Spital Tower. From woodland thinning to fencing and track building, we aim to keep money spent on the property within the community.

We are a working livestock farm, with actively managed woodlands, a successful tourism business and long-term property lets. All this revolves around the land, which is managed for biodiversity and conservation, whilst still producing high quality meat and timber.
Our active management of the land is what creates the unique character that draws so many people to the estate each year, to enjoy nature and experience wildlife alongside traditional farming methods, and what makes such a wonderful home for us and our tenants.

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