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Welcome to Spital Tower

All at Spital Tower welcome walkers and horse-riders onto the estate.


All we ask is that you are aware that farming, stock management, and forestry operations are occurring all the time.

Even if it seems that no-one is around and nothing is happening.

Legal Stuff

Fences & Gates





Horse Riding


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Gates, Fences, timber stacks, stone dykes etc:

Please leave gates as you find them – shut if they were shut and open if they were open. Stiles are provided for the crossing fences on well used routes.
For your own safety and to avoid damage to the site please do not climb or swing on fences, gates, or climb on Hay bales, log piles, or stone dykes. Please do not enter the quarry where steep drops and loose rock faces are a hazard.

Event Organisers:

Whenever we can we support and co-operate with organisers of walking and running events such as the annual Hawick Common Riding’s Denholm Rideout and the Teviotdale Harriers Borders Cross Country Series Run. Events organisers should contact us in connection with: routes,  livestock management, safety arrangements and spectator control.

Livestock Welfare and Safety:

We run livestock on Spital Tower Farm, but are happy for dog walkers to come through fields with livestock, so long as dogs are kept on short leads. This is especially important during Lambing season, when pregnant ewes may abort if disturbed by dogs on the loose, or abandon their lambs if canine or human interference distresses them.


Safety around Livestock:

Please remember that sheep with lambs and cattle with calves are likely to be aggressive defending their young, so please keep well away from mothers with young. Please stay away from cattle, which are large beasts that can be unpredictable and can cause harm because of their size, even unintentionally.
Walkers with dogs should be particularly cautious as cattle often become aggressive to dogs.

Public Footpaths and signage:

We work with Scottish Borders Council to maintain and update the several Core footpaths and the Borders Abbey Way (BAW) long distance route that cross Spital Tower. Click here to see a map of these paths in the area around Spital Tower. We ask that access takers please stick to these routes wherever possible.
In addition, the Estate provides its own directional route signage and signage guiding campers to Ruberslaw wild Woods camping’s hill sites. We ask that access takers follow the formal and informal paths and signs wherever possible, for their own safety and to facilitate farming operations.


Horse-riders are very welcome, however after a lot of rain when the ground is soft, horses can causes significant damage to fields and footpaths. So we ask that riders please try to avoid taking access in soft conditions, and to keep to the hard-surfaced farm roads.

Please contact us directly – We are happy to advise and help.

————— Boundary

– – – – – – – Council Core Paths & Border Abbeys Way

– – – – – – – Informal path to Ruberslaw



Estate Map

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Footpath to Denholm Village
Denholm Hill Wood
Fatlips Castle view
Castle View camp site
Minto View campsite
Hillside Hideaway Safari Tent
Home Wood camp site
Burnhead Native Species woodland
Gledswing Lookout PYO pitch
Roe Deer Rest Safari Tent
Ruberslaw Covert
Black Dod
Gilboa Strip wood
See Inset Map for details
Border Abbeys Way
Border Abbeys Way
Informal path to Ruberslaw
Informal path to Ruberslaw
Informal path to Ruberslaw

Inset Map Detail

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Towerburn Flats & gardens (private)
Tower Shaw Oak c. (425 years old)
Woodland Escape Safari Tent
Kestrel Keep Safari Tent
Towerburn Cottage (private)
Ruberslaw Wild Woods Camping main office
Estate Office & workshops
Stables Cottage (private)
Footprint of former Tower
Farm house (private)
Farmstead (Private)
Border Abbeys Way
Border Abbeys Way